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The basis of any successful Performance media campaign is a customer centric approach that combines your data, media, creative and technology into a single integrated approach aimed at achieving your business goals. We’re performance experts at heart with a deep understanding of all things digital, including Search, Display and Social who will partner with you to grow your business.

Big ROI, that’s what we want!


Nobody knows your business as well as you – that is a given. In order for us to grow your business, we need to get into the nuts & bolts to understand your business. We start off with a discovery session which allows us, your agency partner and pay per click management company, to truly understand your business and most importantly, your business objectives. From there, we will create a digital media strategy that aligns to your goals and KPIs. We’ve built strong partnerships with Google for Search, Display and YouTube as well as META for Facebook, Instagram. More recently have partnered with TikTok, Snapchat, and X to ensure that we align with best practice and the latest innovations to deliver the best results.


The foundations to all of our efforts is ensuring we have the best digital media managers in the business optimising your digital media campaigns . As far as possible, we try to leverage your business data and automate PPC tasks that take up time, in order to spend time on the parts of your account that really make an impact. Don’t worry, we have got your usual search query reports, competitor reports and daily bid management under control – but we are able to drive results through ongoing test and learn frameworks to deliver world class campaign optimisation.

Pay Per Click Agency

Incubeta MENA is a Google Premier Partner, which means that our clients can leverage the benefits of latest innovations before competitors do, keeping you at the forefront of your industry. By partnering with Incubeta you are opening yourself up to an agency network of 22 offices covering multiple languages across the globe. Our network allows us to deliver cutting edge international paid media campaigns in multiple languages right out of our Dubai office.

Display Advertising

Your approach to display campaigns should be tied to your holistic digital strategy. A display campaign without holistic support can result in lost opportunities – display is not only about brand awareness anymore. You can drive performance and ROI through display campaigns with a powerful strategy on Google AdWords or through DV360.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your strategy for display marketing needs to be in tune with your holistic efforts and business objectives. This way you will see the best results from display marketing.

Programmatic and RTB
for Display Inventory

Ok, where do we start!? We assume that you know what programmatic buying is so will not go into the intricacies of how everything works. We are able to work with multiple third party DSP’s (demand side platforms) to aid your display marketing campaigns. We have planned and executed various campaigns through DV360, Publisher Partners and other technology providers that have delivered incredible results for clients. In short, this is a smarter way to buy inventory, and reach the right audience.

Premium and Direct
Display Buys

Not all display marketing inventory is available through exchanges. Prevalent and high traffic sites sell their on site inventory directly to partners, rather than enter auctions. We have direct relationships with many display publishers that can help you to achieve your brand objectives. Our reach and partnerships go across the MENA region and beyond, through various offices. We can offer local and international premium display solutions for all types of partners.

Why work with Incubeta MENA?

Incubeta MENA are a global network of search, display and social professionals. By partnering with us, you are engaging with some of the leading minds in the search field. We also offer industry leading technology to optimise your accounts and a transparent buying model for all clients – every cent you spend is accounted for and you have full access to all of your digital assets and accounts. Most importantly, you will be engaging with an agency that is local enough to provide you top service, but also has the reach globally to bring you leading innovation and results before competitors!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of PPC management is included with your management fee?

    We manage all paid media ad accounts across different marketing platforms and provide comprehensive reporting and analysis for our clients.

  • Are we able to see our actual ad spend through Google Ads?

    Yes, our clients can transparently see the actual spend in their Google AdWords account.

  • How do you ensure you do not overspend on our ad budget?

    We allocate the campaign with budget capping to avoid any extra spend. Where possible we setup campaigns with a lifetime budget. This helps our clients utilize the monthly budget without exceeding the allotted spend amount.

  • Do you offer full reporting with your services? Are they included in your management fee or does reporting require an additional fee?

    Yes, full digital media campaign reporting is provided for each client post campaign. We use Google Looker Studio dashboards to provide customized and data centric reports as per our clients needs and KPI’s.

  • What type of PPC strategy is needed to achieve our business goals?

    No one strategy works for all industries or businesses. We have to take an in-depth look at your services and offerings. Based on the analysis, we then propose a catered performance marketing strategy to help you reach your business objectives.

  • Why is pay-per-click important?

    PPC is one of the most critical forms of digital marketing, advertisers do not pay for the placement of their ads but only pay when their ads get clicks by users on pay per click basis. The ads are created by Google Ads, which allows you to create a campaign for your ad using proper keyword research. It is essential because it directs the relevant audience to your website and helps in lead generation and revenue growth.

  • When to use pay per click?

    You will need to use pay-per-click advertising if you plan to grow your business and reach out to new potential customers. The best time to invest in PPC is when you’re just getting your business started. That’s when you need more customers to get exposed to your brand and use your services or products. Your PPC strategy lays the foundation for your future growth. But also, there are different goals at different stages of a business where it needs PPC. You can see and analyze the time when your ads get more clicks and schedule your campaigns accordingly. There are relevant data available in the dimension tab on Google Ads that will help you analyze the right strategy and timing for your ads.

  • Why is pay-per-click effective?

    Pay-per-click is very useful for promoting your business. It involves directly targeting your customers to promote your services or products. It is a model of digital marketing in which advertisers pay for ad clicks. If you want to get decent traffic on your site and grow your online business, you should opt for PPC advertising to guarantee increased website traffic.

  • Do you offer any other digital marketing services in addition to Pay Per Click?

    Yes, in addition to Social Media Marketing, we also offer a range of other digital marketing services, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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