For marketplaces, partnering with Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) providers would offer ample benefits – as occupying more of the Google Ad real estate would push competitors out of sight and drive additional traffic. eBay Partner Network were quick to act on the launch, recruiting a small number of CSS providers, including Incubeta to promote their eBay Partner Network listings via the Electronic Payments Network (EPN).

Built on our Capital Investment Model, it was a risk-free partnership for eBay Partner Network – enabling eBay Partner Network to occupy more Google Ad real estate, gain a competitive advantage, and drive traffic and GMV from Google Shopping.


The Approach

We ran Google Shopping activity via a comparison shopping domain on a category level commission payment model.
All activity was then tracked and attributed via the EPN platform, with activity deduped against all digital channels.
From here we delivered incremental shopping GMV which was accessed on an ongoing basis. Providing insight on campaign performance and opportunities to drive incremental growth.



Following on from the incredibly strong performance in 2020, we saw that the partnership delivered YOY uplifts in 8 out of the 12 months of 2021. November and December 2021 saw YOY increases of 28.28% and 26.39% , which is even more impressive given that the lockdown rules in 2020 were more restrictive to shopping in stores.

The GMV figure for 2021 was driven by the promotion of 606 million products across 7 territories, resulting in 632k item sales in 533k transactions, totalling a whopping £22 million in GMV. Compare this to 2019 where Incubeta were live across 28 million products in the UK, producing 140k item sales and 125k transactions at a GMV of £4.2 million.

Whilst not as notable in terms of size, the gains made in reducing traffic sent to out of stock products should not be forgotten. Using a feed enrichment initiative to remove a higher volume of out of stock products from the feed, brought the % down from 16-18% to >4% on a consistent basis.

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