Inspired by the rise of the MetaVerse, we parodied the concept with a captivating scavenger hunt in a McDonald’s themed digital world. By transporting users to the immersive “McVerse” via a link from McDonald’s main profile, we provided them with a unique and entertaining experience.

Followers had the chance to take part in a social competition to find the hidden codes, for a chance to win prizes every day. To ensure a seamless experience for our audience, we went the extra mile in providing clear instructions. Alongside the weekly portal videos, we created a story highlight dedicated to the terms and conditions and a step-by-step guide on how to play. Moreover, we utilized Instagram’s ‘Guides’ feature to compile a comprehensive guide, covering all the essential information about the McVerse.

Now click here to experience it yourself.

Steps on how to play:

  1. Click on each frame to find the universe name account
  2. Click the universe name account that will transport you to this universe
  3. Search for codes in this universe

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