Every year we await a new iPhone hitting the shelves, and the hype for these smartphones is surreal. Incubeta MENA’s partnership with iSTYLE, a prominent tech retail brand in the UAE, has now been for many years, thanks to our commitment to achieving remarkable results together. We’ll delve into how we collaborated with iSTYLE to achieve their objectives of enhancing brand visibility, increasing domain authority, and boosting organic transactions and Return on Investment (ROI) from the previous launch.


  • Boost Brand and Product Visibility on SERPs: iSTYLE wanted to rise above the digital noise and ensure that their products were easily discoverable by tech enthusiasts. The primary goal was to secure a prominent place on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) when users searched for relevant Apple products.
  • Elevate Domain Authority: Trust is paramount in the digital world. iSTYLE aimed to enhance its domain authority to establish itself as a reliable source for Apple products and expertise.
  • Drive Organic Transactions and ROI Growth: Beyond clicks, iSTYLE sought to foster meaningful interactions that translated into transactions. Our challenge was to contribute to an increase in organic transactions and an improved Return on Investment (ROI) compared to the previous year.

Our Strategy:

  • SEO-Optimized Content Strategy: We implemented a comprehensive content strategy that optimized the content on iSTYLE’s website to align with users’ search intent. This strategy extended across the new iPhone and various other category pages, ensuring that potential customers found exactly what they were looking for.
  • On-Page and Off-Page Strategies: To make navigation seamless and intuitive, we revamped the on-page elements of iSTYLE’s website. Simultaneously, we employed off-page strategies to increase the brand’s presence across the web, solidifying iSTYLE’s position as a reputable tech destination.
  • Technical SEO Strategies: Our SEO experts ensured we worked on a comprehensive tech audit on the website, and with iSTYLE’s supportive tech team, we could get changes done on the website seamlessly.

Our Achievements:

iStyle case study seo dubai

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Through a meticulously crafted SEO-optimized content strategy, iSTYLE’s products began to appear prominently on SERPs, capturing the attention of a wider audience and contributing to enhanced brand recognition. In which, we observed over 245.5% increase in clicks YoY, 100+ Keywords ranking in top 3 on SERPs, 140% increase in organic users YoY & acquired over 30+ Featured Snippets.
  • Domain Authority Surge: The integration of on-page and off-page strategies led to a considerable increase in iSTYLE’s domain authority. This not only bolstered customer trust but also elevated our Domain Authority by 35%.
  • Boosted Organic Transactions and ROI: By aligning our strategies with iSTYLE’s goals, we witnessed a remarkable growth in organic transactions. This, in turn, resulted in a substantial increase in organic transaction by 105% in YoY, which significantly exceeded the benchmarks set from the previous year.

The journey with iSTYLE has been transformative, showcasing the power of collaboration, innovation, and tailored strategies. As an SEO agency, we are proud to have played a pivotal role in amplifying iSTYLE’s online presence, driving meaningful interactions, and contributing to their exceptional growth. With our “Let’s Eat Apples” approach, we not only achieved the set objectives but also savored the sweet taste of success together.

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