Our New Business Director, Lea Allam, and Head of Strategy, Lewis Chappell, recently had the privilege of attending an enlightening event hosted by Campaign Middle East. The event united industry leaders to delve into the latest trends and strategies shaping the marketing landscape as well as offering valuable insights into crafting consumer connections, leveraging gaming as a media channel and deepening customer loyalty in the digital age.

During the initial session, the focus was on the significance of crafting consumer connections through content, with an emphasis on Influencer, Gaming, and Omni-channel sponsored content. Of particular interest was the discussion around repurposing influencer content for commerce, a topic gaining traction as brands are increasingly relying on influencers for bottom-of-funnel campaigns, where their credibility has a direct impact on sales.

Another standout panel discussed the gaming industry’s rising prominence as a media channel, exploring entry points such as live-streaming and in-game environments. The potential for brands to seamlessly integrate ads within gaming experiences was highlighted, with Roblox emerging as a top candidate with over 50M active users and an average time of 2.5 hours spent by gamers each day.

Metaverse gaming also sparked debate and is offering brands and consumers virtual experiences as well as real-money opportunities. One thing that became clear is that understanding what the community wants and mapping this out through the gameplay is crucial to resonating with gaming communities, who are becoming ever-more niche.

The event concluded with a panel discussion on deepening connections and fostering loyalty in the digital age. Gamification emerged as a key strategy in cultivating genuine customer engagement and brand loyalty. What is clear to see is that we are battling with shorter attention spans, but if done correctly by brands, good storytelling can still unlock the audience’s attention, even through longer content formats. The entertainment value was also underscored as crucial, recognizing the human element behind every interaction.

Nowadays, brands must adapt to evolving consumer needs, delivering clear, concise, and shareable content to capture fleeting attention spans. While storytelling builds emotional connections, lasting loyalty is born from consistent positive experiences, representing the pinnacle of a brand’s ambition.

As we digest the insights gleaned from the event, we’re eager to integrate these learnings into our client strategies. From crafting compelling content to strategic gaming partnerships and fostering deeper audience connections, we’re committed to pioneering innovative marketing approaches.

We look forward to sharing these insights with our clients and collaborating to drive impactful campaigns in the dynamic digital landscape ahead.