Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is often undervalued in a company’s holistic digital marketing strategy as it is one of the pillars that can contribute to incremental and long term growth in overall marketing ROI. Whilst many businesses focus on the obvious marketing activities such as creative branding, paid marketing and technology, a truly customer centric approach needs to consider the entire user journey, which is a core function of SEO.

By adopting a continuous SEO strategy, businesses can prioritise user experience and minimise fluctuations caused by seasonal trends. This approach offsets the drawbacks of reduced paid efforts, which can often lead to decreased user engagement and website traffic, ultimately resulting in lower sales. With a consistent SEO focus, your business remains at the forefront of search engines, ensuring visibility when traffic rebounds.

Here are five important reasons to implement SEO during off-peak seasons to better position your company when search volume trends surge:

  • Technical Changes & Migration: Implementing technical changes or migrating to a new website during slow months, when search volume trends decline, can greatly enhance your brand’s SEO. Reduced user activity and lower search engine crawl rates, minimise the risks of traffic fluctuations and ranking drops. This allows for thorough testing and optimisation of the new website without the pressure of high search volumes, facilitating a seamless transition and improved SEO performance when search trends rise again.
  • Analyse and Optimise: During off-peak months, we can analyse Google Search Console and Google Analytics data to identify areas where your brand’s search presence and visibility can be improved. Your SEO strategy can then be amended to ensure that you are ahead of your competitors when the busier months roll around.
  • Experiment and Testing: During slower seasons, experiment with new SEO tactics to test their effectiveness. By creating and implementing new content or restructuring existing content, we can better understand what works for your brand.
  • Conduct Detailed Competitor Analysis: Conducting in-depth competitor analysis, especially for any keyword gaps your brand may have, will allow us to create and optimise additional landing pages to increase your targeted keyword bucket. That way, you will compete with and divert traffic from your competitors’ websites to your own.
  • Building Authority: Increasing your website’s domain authority takes time, but is essential for increasing the speed at which your website can rank for new keywords. By focusing on implementing a comprehensive off-page strategy during your slow months, we can help establish your brand’s website as an authoritative and trusted source of information within your industry.

Any Search Engine Optimisation strategy that will deliver results is a long-term investment that requires consistent work over a long period. By continuing to work on the SEO for your website during off-peak seasons, we can keep the momentum going and ensure that your brand does not lose any progress. In turn, you will outrank your competitors, placing your brand in the best possible position to bring in as much organic traffic, when search trends start to regain momentum.

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