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  • Navigating the marketing challenges of a cookie-less 2024 and beyond…

    The long awaited “cookie-less future” is now officially on our doorstep, where Google started to restrict third-party cookies by default for 1% of users, with the goal of eliminating the use of third-party cookies for all Chrome users by Q3 2024, (August).

  • Acquiring the Galaxy: MDS Mobile’s SEO Triumph

    In a dynamic digital landscape, MDS Mobile, a part of the esteemed Midis Group and proprietor of multiple Samsung Experience Stores in the UAE, achieved a remarkable 160% increase in organic clicks year over year (YoY).

  • Medcare: ‘Healthy’ Organic Growth Year-on-Year

    In a remarkable success story, Incubeta MENA has propelled its client, Medcare, to new heights with a stellar SEO campaign, securing the prestigious Best Use of Search – Health award at the MENA Search Awards 2023.

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  • From Personalisation to Immersive Advertising

    Personalized advertising has long been the gold standard, leveraging data to tailor ads to individual preferences.

  • Shifting Paradigms in Marketing and Influence

    Why audiences are turning away from highly polished, “picture-perfect” posts and demanding that brands and celebrities “get real.”

  • Crafting Impactful Ramadan Campaigns

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) transforms into a tapestry of traditions and spirituality during the holy month of Ramadan, offering a unique opportunity for marketers to connect with diverse audiences. In recent years, TikTok has emerged as a central platform for Ramadan marketing in the UAE, playing a pivotal role in amplifying campaigns and enhancing the overall impact of brand messages.